Warranty Policy:

Brand Warranty: Notify us during the warranty period. We will communicate with brand/seller (within 10-15 working days).

Replacement Warranty: Only applicable in case of a manufacturing defect. Replacement only 1 time during the whole warranty period. Notify us during the warranty period. Any kind of scratch or dent products are out of our policy. You have to return fresh items as  you received. Replacement or fix issue takes at least 3-4 weeks. We repeat it takes at least 3-4 weeks to replace or fix any product. You must have to agree before order. If any item not fixable then we will replace it with new product.Gadgetstudiobd.com

Warranty: Only applicable in case of a manufacturing defect (within 3 days). Replacement only 1 time during the whole warranty period. Count down start from the day you received product.

Note: Brand/Replacement/Gadgetstudiobd.com warranty information generally written in the product description tab. If you can’t find it in the product page, then it doesn’t have any warranty. It will be under basic return/refund policy. We provide brand warranty as long as the authorized distributor continue their services. If any distributor discontinues their service, we will not provide any services or accept any warranty claim. Please think before order.

Shipping Cost: Customer will bear own shipping cost item for returning and sending back to them after fix or providing solution. Delivery cost is non-refundable. We will deduct the shipping cost from refund amount.

How to Submit Request: You must provide us your ORDER ID, EMAIL or PHONE NUMBER to process your request. You can communicate with us via sending email or via Direct Call. In most cases, we ask for video unboxing of opening intact item from Gadgetstudiobd packaging. So, it is recommended to capture video and send us when you submit complaints. Bad behavior/Lack of mandatory information will cause cancel your request immediately. Return/Refund process takes 7-10 working days. In some situation it may takes longer. You have to cooperate with us.

Warning: We do not accept any order from under 18 children. If you are then it is highly recommended not to place any order otherwise, we will not hold any responsibility of return or refund procedure.

Contact Details:

Email: support@Gadgetstudiobd.com

Contact Number: 01946004706

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to update, change or replace any part of these Policy by posting updates and changes to our website. It is your responsibility to check our website periodically for changes.

How To Do Warranty Claim: