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Xiaomi Mi TDS Meter Water Quality Tester Pen

৳ 790
Xiaomi Mi TDS Meter Water Quality Tester Pen Mi TDS Water tester can detect the TDS quantity of water in

BASEUS Thermal Series Memory Foam U-shaped Neck Pillow

৳ 1,780
Thermal Series Memory Foam U-Shaped Neck Pillow Steam Hot Compress,Comfortable for Travelling; Relieve fatigue, Support cheeks, Breathable fabric , Easy

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

৳ 2,199
  • ACCURATE, RELIABLE, & QUICK READINGS | Clinically tested and proven consistent results. Receive blood SpO2, Pulse Rate, and Pulse Strength results within 8 to 10 seconds on large digital red LED display.
  • SpO2, PULSE RATE, and PULSE BAR GRAPH READINGS | Simple bar graph that displays your SpO2, Pulse Rate, and Pulse Strength results.
  • SPORTS ENTHUSIASTS | Only for sport and aviation use. This device is ideal for using during high endurance sports activities such as mountain climbing, running, biking, etc.
  • PORTABLE & EASY TO USE | Light-weight and compact, easy to handle and to carry with you for results at home or outdoors.
  •  SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES | Smart design allows for a range of finger sizes to fit into the finger chamber, designed with latex free silicone material.


৳ 2,250
Name joyroom Infrared thermometer Model : XS-IFT002B Measurement range 32.0ºC-42.2ºC Working environment 10~40ºC Response time 0.5s Measurement distance 3-5cm Resolution 0.1 ºC Automatic shutdown about 30-40 seconds unused Maximum allowable error ± 0.2 degrees Celsius (35.0 ºC -42 ºC)± 0.3 degrees Celsius (32.0 ºC -34.9 ºC and 42.1 ºC -42.2 ºC) Operating environment temperature is 10 ºC -40 ºC; relative humidity is 15% -85% Air pressure (70-106) kPa Transportation and storage environment humidity is -20 ºC ~ + 55 ºC; relative humidity is 15% -93% Air pressure (70-106) kPa Battery Two AA batteries Size 166 * 39 * 40mm Feature: Maximum allowable error: ± 0.2 seconds (35.0 ºC -42 ºC) ± 0.3 seconds (32.0 ° C-34.9 ° C and 42.1 ° C-42.2 ° C) Memory function: 32 groups Automatic shutdown: after about 5 seconds of unused Power supply voltage: two AAA batteries (DC3V) Net weight: 105g (without battery) Product size: 151 * 85 * 43mm Operating environment: temperature is 16 ºC -35 ºC; relative humidity is 15% -80%; Transportation and storage environment: humidity is -20 ºC ~ + 55 ºC; relative humidity is 15% -80% Air pressure: (70-106) kPa

McCons KN95 Face Mask (10 Pcs)

৳ 650
Material:Non-woven Fabric, KN95 Solvent Spray, Thermal Insulation Cotton
Weight:6g / Mask
Size :10.5×14.5cm
Quantity:10 Masks / Pack

USAMS Auto Foaming Hand Washer

৳ 1,950
Material: ABS Color: White Volume: 350ml Size: 207*84mm Battery: 4pcs AA batteries Features: 1.Infrared induction, auto spray- out foam, more hygienic. 2.Precise gas-liquid ratio, fine foam and efficient sterilization. 3.Rapid to dispense foam, sensitive reaction. 4.Suitable for various washing liquid, widely in use.

USAMS Mini Auto Disinfection Sprayer

৳ 2,290
  • Brand: USAMS
  • Model: US-ZB155
  • Input: 5V 1A
  • Work current: 500mA
  • Work frequency: 108KHz
  • Battery capacity: 1800mAh
  • Induction distance: ≤12cm
  • Volume: 45ml
  • Size: 77x55x91mm
  • Net weight: about 150g

Wiwu iVista Super Hardness Glass Protector For iPhone

৳ 549
IVISTA SUPER HARDNESS GLASS This tempered glass screen protector is made of premium glass, with extremely high light transmittance, letting

Xiaomi Mijia Youpin Pear Purely Electric Fresh Air Mask

৳ 2,199
Main Features Main Features: ● Nano-fiber electret filtering technology, the air filter is apparently able to achieve PM2.5 filtration efficiency

Xiaomi Smartmi PM2.5 Anti-Haze Mask – Black

৳ 480

Main Features

Smartmi KN95 Anti-Haze Professional Protective Face Cover Face Mask PM2.5 Haze Mask From Xiaomi Youpin

1. The use of environmentally friendly polyurethane sponge material, 3D split vault skeleton, the face no sense of support. 2. Light breathing anti-haze masks, unbridled breathing, not just cool, filtration efficiency of more than 97% PM2.5, effectively blocking more than 0.3um bacteria 3. TPU stretch film composite fine sponge, the more comfortable the band, comfortable ear hook design, strong tensile, flexible fit. 4. Food-grade selection, intimate personal protection, easy to breathe, even exercise can wear a smooth breathing. 5. Large-caliber cold flow breathing valve, and said wet bye-bye, large diameter cold flow breathing valve 40mm in diameter, 0.3mm thin silicone valve, return to natural breathing experience