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KZ ZSE Professional Stereo HiFi Music Earphones

৳ 790 ৳ 690
  • High Resolution – The earphone enables us to hear the subtlety of the sound. and the acoustic adjustment makes the advantage of DD and BA to achieve balanced, clean and detailed sound quality.
  • Eye-catching Look - The precision metal craftsmanship combined with the bright colors of resin make the overall appearance fashion. It is not only a pairs of in ear headphones, but looks like an art.
  • Patented Dynamic Driver - The four-layer voice coil brings a stronger driver, the low frequency is powerful, the soundstage width is extended, and the listening experience is moving.
  • Improved Detachable Connection – The groove protection design protects the earbuds' pins from distortion and prolongs the lifetime.
  • Audiphile Cable – This durable wire makes the sound transmit smoothly and loseless. The bronze cord matchs the black in ear monitor, the golden cord matches the silver in ear headphone.

KZ ZSN PRO X Dual Driver 1BA+1DD Hybrid Metal Earphones

৳ 2,050 ৳ 1,599
            KZ ZSN Pro X 1BA 1DD Hybrid  Driver  In Ear Earphone HIFI Bass Earbuds Metal Monitor Earphones Sport Noise

KZ-ZSN Pro Hybrid Heavy Bass Earphones

৳ 1,600 ৳ 1,450
  • KZ ZSN Pro 1BA+1DD hybrid professional headphones.
  • Customized 30095 moving iron unit, for your sensitive performance broader high-frequency resolution. (The upgraded 30095 moving iron unit has a more sensitive transient performance, and has a huge jump in the dynamic performance of music, instantaneous detail performance and sound density.)
  • The voice is full and mellow at low frequencies. Compared with the previous generation of moving coil unit magnets, the volume increases by 30%, and the frequency response increases by 1kHz position sensitivity by 5dB.
  • Precise internal acoustic structure and fine circuit optimization can achieve reasonable frequency division of low, medium and high three frequencies, and increase the separation and hierarchy of music.
  • Modified 2PIN plug-in structure, equipped with Bluetooth module, upgraded to Bluetooth headset.

Lenovo HD700 Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

৳ 3,750 ৳ 3,650
Headphones Lenovo HD700 Heavy-Calibre Driver Speaker Advanced Earmuffs IOS Electriciyt Display Volume Cut/Pause/Play Answer/Hang up. Bluetooth version: V5.0 Battery capacity:300mAh Play time:20 hours Standby tome:300 hours Horn diameter:40mm Sensitivity:105dB Distance:10m barrier-free Wearing method:head-mounted Product color: black Executive Standard:GB/T 14471-2013

Marshall Headphones M-ACCS-00152 Monitor Headphones

৳ 5,800 ৳ 4,700
Features Bluetooth aptX Connect wirelessly to Monitor with Bluetooth aptX technology. Not only does Bluetooth aptX play music at a

Marshall Major III Bluetooth Wireless On-Ear Headphones

৳ 7,500 ৳ 6,900
Model Name4092186
Headphones Jack3.5 mm

Marshall Mid ANC Active Noise Cancelling On-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

৳ 9,500 ৳ 8,500
Introducing Mid A.N.C. Mid A.N.C. is an active noise cancelling headphone with Bluetooth aptX technology. It delivers superior wireless audio

Marshall Mid Bluetooth Wireless On-Ear Headphone

৳ 7,800 ৳ 6,900
The vintage guitar-inspired design, relatively low cost and impeccable sound quality has us obsessed with Marshall headphones. Following on from the wireless

Marshall Minor II Bluetooth In-Ear Headphone

৳ 6,500 ৳ 5,500

Marshall Mode in-Ear Headphones

৳ 6,700 ৳ 5,700
Dressed In Black Mode offers a huge sound in a small package – featuring customized drivers delivering high-output sound at

Marshall Monitor II Active Noise Canceling Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphone

৳ 13,200 ৳ 11,800
Monitor II ANC Features ActiveNoice Cancelling Monitor II A.N.C. headphones utilize advanced active noise cancelling technology that blocks out the

MEMT X1s Heavy Bass Noise Canceling Earphones

৳ 900 ৳ 690
  • Brand: MEMT
  • Model: x1s
  • Type: Canal
  • Controller corresponding OS: android / Windows / Phone iOS
  • Reproduction frequency band: 20